“Moving” On…

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Today I say goodbye to my home of 5 years. It is hard to believe that I have been on my own for that long. It seems just yesterday that I was living at home, rent free and with no concept of responsibility. It was definitely something that took getting use to and I don’t regret anything about the journey.

This move, however, was very bitter sweet. I did not expect to leave at this time in my life but it was something that had to be done. Much like the key above, I have gone through a lot in those years. Some of which were great times, others were detrimental to my mental sanity and even more, my life. It took a lot for me to admit that I needed to say goodbye to this little cozy apartment on Liberty ST.

The Early Years:

I can remember the excitement of moving. The amount of actual independence made things surreal. “Wow, it’s finally happening” I said loading up my car with the small amount of things I was taking with me. With the help of some people who were friends at the time, I would be moved in on July 1st 2017.

Final load from my Mom’s house to my new apartment.

It took some adjusting, a lot of physical exhaustion and mixed emotions, but I finally made the jump. It didn’t take long to get adjusted and settled into the new place with this new found freedom.

I was able to make my own mark on this little home with the resources available to me at the time. Things really came together and I never felt more pleased with the decision to take that leap of faith so many fear to jump into. I was not the one to fear this change. I only feared whether or not I would be able to handle living paycheck to paycheck working two jobs to pay for all my bills and still have some money to live off of. Somehow I made it work with the hand that I was dealt.

Friends and Family:

It felt so great to have so many different friends and family members come in to visit and check out the new pad.

With all these memories came a lot of heartbreak. Failed relationships, a sexual assault, isolation, stalking…etc. Enough to drive a person to drink which is what I did. EVERY DAY. I could barely function through a single day without needing to get trashed by the end of the night. So I knew that something had to be done for the sake of my sanity.

While I was away dealing with my alcoholism, I had to think of a new game plan moving forward. A buddy of mine whom I have known for years was looking to ease his financial burden as was I. After discussing it with him, I made the decision to move in which would help us both out. Financially and emotionally.

Finally, after taking some time to think it over, I made the decision to move in with him, thus, helping us both out. This took a lot of self-reflection but to help control the drinking, and the isolation, it was the only option. So, as of today I am now a resident of the City of Wilmington. It’s taking some adjustments but, I think I made the right decision.

Out with the old:

In with the new:

With this new change, I am hoping, this will be one of many new changes that are happening in my life and I can’t wait to see what those changes will bring.

We waste so much time worrying about the what if’s. It’s time we take a good hard look at our life and say; “what now”.

Gus Glaros. The Life Addicts’ Podcast.

Thank you to everyone who has stood by me through my dark times and also my best times. It won’t be forgotten!

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